Und Ostende, 2018, 2018

The reading of a book about Ostend — a seaside resort on the cost of Belgium — marks the starting point of this work. The book tells the story of Ostend as a place of transit for Jewish writers. At the beginning I was on a photographic quest for traces: I was wondering whether it was possible to locate the Ostend that was then on the brim to WWII in the year of 2018. And if so, to what extent?

Arriving at Ostend I was confronted with the Atlantic Wall as an open-air museum characterized by tourism and beach scenery. This realization made me think about the visibility and invisibility of history and one’s handling of memory and oblivion. The written reflexion and the photographs complement each other, wherein one medium starts where the other one reaches its limits.

Publication project within the context of the seminar “EXIL”, a cooperation between the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig and the German Institute for Literature Leipzig.

Exhibition as part of the “Museumsnacht Halle & Leipzig”, 2019.


HGB Gallery, Leipzig 2019
Installation View: HGB Gallery, Leipzig 2019