Graduation Show, July 2019, Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig, Germany

Die Sterne von Amazon, 2017 - ongoing

I Wallpaper, 450 x 300 cm,
39 digital c-prints on Kapa fix, 30 x 20 cm
II Mixed media on paper, 70 x 100 cm
III Oil and oil pastel on paper on Kapa fix, 200 x 192 cm
IV 10 inkjet prints, 50 x 64 cm

"Die Sterne von Amazon" is an ongoing and extensive work started in 2017 in which an examination of different aspects and phenomena referring to the ambiguous terms „capitalism“ and „culture“ takes place. Through various artistic media a personal rating system is formulated which is also characterized by the media complementing, questioning, or commenting on each other.

The installation that was shown at the graduation show consists of photographs which represent a possible collection of contemporary signs, while the painting and the drawing try to look inside, into a room of imagination, and the text comments in a metaphorical way.