Die Sterne von Amazon (The Amazon Stars),
2017 - ongoing

* Untitled (Signs), wallpaper, 450 x 300 cm,
39 digital c-prints on Kapa fix, 30 x 20 cm

* Untitled (Spoiler Alert), marker, pencil, ink on paper,
70 x 100 cm

* Untitled (WWW), oil and oil pastell on paper on Kapa fix, 200 x 192 cm

* Untitled (Dead Flamingo), 10 inkjet prints, invisible thread, 50 x 64 cm each

*Untitled (Weather), marker and ink on paper, 21 x 29, 7 cm

* Untitled (SOS), wallpaper, dimensions vary

* Untitled (Von Kyoto bis Paris), marker, ink, lettraset on paper, 29,7 x 42 cm

* Untitled (Forest), acrylic on digital print on canvas, wooden strip, 5 parts, 90 x 139 cm each

* Untitled (Notebook), inkjet print, 45 x 67,5 cm

* Untitled (It's the end of the world as we know it (I had some time alone)), colored pencil, pencil, gouache, ink on paper,
96 x 132 cm

The present work titled “Die Sterne von Amazon” (“The Amazon Stars“) is an extensive work in which an exami-
nation of various aspects and phenomena related to the multidimensional terms “capitalism” and “culture” takes place. With the help of different artistic media, a personal rating system is constructed. That system is then again charac-
terized by the media complementing, questioning, or com-
menting on each other. “Die Sterne von Amazon” (“The Amazon Stars“) has been ongoing since 2017.

This group of works originates in my interest of analyzing the terms “capitalism” and “culture” and in considering their meanings. Photography, painting, text, and drawing visualize the reflecting and interpreting the researching of the seg-
ments making up the range of topics at the heart of this study. Daily politics, newspapers, and magazines but also obser-
vations of daily life, quotes, and literature on historical theories and movements have been considered in the re-
search. In this context, the relation of information processing and agency are of importance.

The personal rating system partly organizes itself because of the interconnectedness of its internal structures. This means that single works can also develop from already existing ones within this group of works.

Due to the above mentioned characteristics of the personal rating system and its components the presentation of this work can take on various forms.